Dr. Markus Fäh
Dr. Markus Fäh

English Speaking Psychotherapist in Zurich

I have been working as psychologist, psychoanalyst and psychotherapist for more than 35 years. It is my firm belief that given the right circumstances, people are the architects of their own good fortune. But, alas, our psyche is a difficult terrain, and our personal development is often the cause of many irrational beliefs and attitudes unconsciously standing in the way of our own success and happiness.

I love my profession deeply passionate. It gives me the opportunity to work with people and guide them to find and realize their own kind of happiness in life. I see myself as coach who teaches you to face your own unconscious forces, the demons as well as the potentials, and to «ride the tiger» (Le Soldat, 1993, p. 70).

Cooperation & getting to know each other

Our Journey Together

My Offer

Ways of Cooperation

I offer English-speaking psychotherapy in Zurich, as well as couples therapy, family therapy, coaching, supervision  and organizational consulting.


What Costs Can I Expect?

  • Single Session CHF 180-260*

    Therapy/Supervision/Counseling (approx. 45 min.)

  • Couples Session CHF 320-480 (160-240 per Person)*

    (Approx. 75 min.)

  • Coaching CHF 250-400*

    According to the time required, 60 min.

  • Group Supervision, Organizational Consulting CHF 250-400*

    According to the time required, 60 min.

  • Lectures, Seminars and Continuing Education From CHF 1500*

    According to workload, benchmarks:
    Evening CHF 1500-2000 plus expenses
    Half day CHF 2000-2500 plus expenses
    Full day CHF 3000-5000 plus expenses

*or by special arrangement