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We are living in a world dominated by the pursuit of achievement and adaptation. Many people are not coping well with the demands that life in this world places on us. They are suffering from depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive symptoms, success inhibitions, relationship problems, self-sabotaging attitudes and behavior patterns, self-destructive habits or addictions, and severe psychological disorders.

Not only individuals, but also couples, groups or organizations such as companies or social institutions can be dysfunctional. Be it that communication does not work, be it that that they do not reach their goals or realize their full potential, and thus are chronically dissatisfied, blocked and limited.

You need help, someone to show you how you are getting in your own way, and how to find success and satisfaction.

I work with the tools of Psychoanalysis. That is, I use the psychoanalytic knowledge of human development and psychic functioning together with my many years of experience to enable each person seeking my help to better understand himself and to assist him in overcoming his inner invisible barriers.

The psychic mechanisms are also at work in a couple relationship, a group or an organization. That is why the psychoanalytic method can equally help to improve blocked relationships in lovers, insufficient functioning of groups or organizations.

In my psychoanalytic work individuals, couples, groups and organizations, I am always concerned with taking a forward-looking and positive perspective: Yes, we can! YOU can, the couple can, the group and also the organization can, they all can find their personal way to better, more successful and satisfying functioning if they learn to perceive, recognize, confront and deal with their unconscious obstacles and inner counterforces.

This path is not feel-good therapy! It is persistent patient learning, overcoming inner resistances that are inherent in every human being. I consider myself to be your partner, your trainer, your motivating, supporting and sometimes demanding companion on our journey together.

Psychoanalysis is the empirically most validated, most sustainably effective and most transparent method of treatment.

Psychoanalysis is based on the recognition that human beings are motivated by two drives, the sexual drive and the aggressive drive. This drive nature of human beings, which is already inherent in childhood, inevitably leads to complications in human psychological development. We have problems dealing with frustration, we experience guilt and anxiety, we repress our unconscious conflicts and develop symptoms.

Our capacity to love, work and enjoy is inhibited. Depending on the upbringing, these problems may intensify. The result is a lacking capacity to develop freely and to use our energy for our life goals. Unresolved inner conflicts lead to the well-known symptoms of depression and anxiety as well as painful limitations in performance, joy of life, creativity and productivity.

Sigmund Freud said the three pillars of health are working, loving and enjoying. Psychoanalysis has been developed to release the dormant potential in all of us for success in work, love and enjoyment.
If this potential is blocked, you need to engage in a personal learning process, and you need a reliable partner and teacher to guide, accompany and support you in this effort.

This is my main goal when I work with you.

We can understand a psychoanalytical cure as a fascinating journey together, aiming at exploring and getting to know your inner world, discovering your potentials, confronting and overcoming your inner blockages and demons.