What is Psychoanalysis?

Psychoanalysis is the way to your wishes, to the contact with your Unconscious,

to the hidden meaning of your dreams, to more liveliness!

Overcome life crises and inhibitions, foster creativity and productivity!

Enhance the quality of your relationships, free your sexuality, find the pleasure to live!

The method works with individuals, couples, groups and organizations.

Psychoanalysis is the method invented and developed by Sigmund Freud (1856-1939), and further developed by the psychoanalytic scientific community up to these days, to investigate the human mind, especially the human Unconscious.

Psychoanalysis is a science built upon the findings gathered with the psychoanalytic method, and a corpus of theories about the functioning of the human mind, about the development of the inner world of human beings, about how people change.

Psychoanalysis is an applied science: The knowledge collected about the human mind is used to understand and change human experience, thinking and behavior. It is applied in the treatment of psychological disorders, for the enhancement of communication in couples, groups and organizations, in the analysis of literature, art, culture, in social psychology, sociology and ethnology.


What is Psychoanalytical Therapy (PT)?

Psychoanalytical Therapy is the treatment of psychic or psychically caused problems and disorders with the instruments of Psychoanalysis. It is the most effective treatment for a wide range of problems and symptoms, because it investigates, influences and overcomes the unconscious roots of these problems.

There are different forms of PT:

Classical psychoanalysis on the couch (3-5 times a week), psychotherapy face-to-face (1-2 two times per week), marital therapy, family therapy, group analysis or therapy, short-term-therapy, focus-oriented therapy, long-term-therapy. The indication of PT and what kind of PT will be decided after an intake, normally one to three sessions of about 45 to 60 minutes.


What is Psychoanalytical Coaching (PC) ?

Psychoanalytical Coaching is psychoanalytical support tailored to the individual needs and situations of managers and leaders in organizations. Analyst and Client develop solutions for concrete problems, unconscious barriers to creativity and productivity are overcome.


What is Psychoanalytical Organizational Counseling (POC)?

Working Groups, Teams and Organizations may be inhibited and blocked in pursuing their purpose, vision and objectives in their work setting. POC has the aim to investigate and detect the unconscious and hidden motivations and barriers and to find means to overcome them, and to help the organization to focus its resources on the fulfillment of its task.



The liberation of your personal sexuality in a deep sense is a central aim of psychoanalytic work. Physical as well as psychic love capacity, genital potency, is the precondition of any fulfilling sexual and love life. PT helps to recognize, investigate and overcome unconscious sexual conflicts and overcome individual barriers and inhibitions. It helps you to develop your personal capacity to experience a satisfying sexual life and foster your capacity to be a loving and satisfying love partner.


Presence and Vitality

Psychic liveliness is a core precondition of mental health. PT helps to gain access to your hidden and split-off Unconscious. Your inner wealth and lively core will become accessible and you will be able to use it as a source of change and creativity.


Capacity to work, love and enjoy

Freud says, mental health rests on three columns: The one who is able to love, work and enjoy, will stay healthy and more immune against the stress of life. Therefore in PT, we work through the unconscious barriers and inhibitions of these capacities.